They caLled it : CONSPIRACY !!!

SeteLah bertahun2 (lebay) hiatus, akhirnya ngepost Lagi di Korean Kimchi^^
ummm, postingan kaLi ini agak2 sedikit kontroversi untuk beberapa orang (or Fandom)..
sebenarnya rada takut juga ngepost haL2 di bawah, tapi re-post adalah salah satu dari sedikit haL yang bisa gw Lakuin untuk (setidaknya) “membantu” idoLa gw..
toLong baca dengan pikiran terbuka Yahh^^

(p.s. I’m not gonna transLate it into BAHASA, you can see the whoLe ‘things’ HERE)
Ini sedikit kutipan dari bLog seorang admin dari suatu forum, dia punya source di Korea maupun SeattLe..
kaLau maw tau Lebih banyak siLahkan baca disini

***so i know i promised my rant today. er, yesterday.neonbullets:

I’ve been reblogging posts from my friends Susana ( and Sydney ( and also reading other people’s comments, and let me just say, some are honestly disappointing.

I only have two major points to this post, and I may or may not continue posting.

1) JYP Entertainment does not care about the welfare of their artists. They only see them as products they can sell to make money. JYP pulled Jay out of 2PM out of fear of losing sponsorships, therefore losing money. He’s done similar things to other artists (G.O.D., Noeul, Hyunah, and now Sunmi too) and has proven that to him, the artists aren’t people; They’re commodities.

Before the events that happened in September 2009, 2PM fans who had found Jay’s Myspace and saw the comments called the JYPE office to ask them to erase the comments, in fear that they would be exposed to the public. JYPE decided to ignore these requests, and kept the comments up, not thinking about the consequences. There are fan accounts about this that roughly documented the phone calls made to the office.

What does this mean? It means that JYPE could have avoided this WHOLE SITUATION if they had just listened to the fans. Still want to trust them?

Just because they’re a major entertainment company doesn’t mean that they’re to be trusted. The entertainment industry is dirty, and there’s a huge amount of news articles everywhere that have no truth in them.
If you’re going to ask us for sources or proof, what’s stopping you from asking the reporters or even JYP? By the way, all the time spent doubting us and refusing to believe anything we say is ultimately time lost in bringing Jay back.
2) International fans CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. JYP is INTIMIDATED by his International fanbase because right now, we’re the market he’s trying to sell to. Like I said before, the artists are products, and we’re the buyers. For those of you who think that nothing you do will help and that the KHottests are doing enough already, WAKE UP because your opinions and efforts DO MATTER.

At this point, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that International fans matter more than the Korean fans. If you haven’t noticed already, JYP’s been branching out to other countries more and more each day. The Wonder Girls have been working in the states for months, and 2PM has done activities in various Asian countries before as well. Even last year, 2PM was featured in MTV Iggy in New York City alongside the Wonder Girls. JYP’s main market is the International fanbase, giving us more power to sway his decisions. If we all come together and boycott we can have a huge impact on the income the company gets from the fans.

There are plenty of ways that YOU can help. Time is severely limited, and the more people come together and put forth their best efforts, the better. Like Susana and Sydney said before, post-its in New York are a constant event. I’m in New York as well, and it really does help to have personal messages to Jay from all over the world. To be honest, we had a much greater amount of post-its at the very beginning of the movement. Now that the messages are more sparse, every post-it sent to us is of high importance. It’s not difficult, and you don’t even have to write on the post-its yourself. SEND YOUR MESSAGES, AND WE WILL WRITE THEM ON POST-ITS FOR YOU. There is no limit to the number of messages you can send, so don’t feel that you have to stop at just one.
If you miss Jay so much, what’s stopping you from sending a short message of encouragement to him?

**Other things you can do to help that have been mentioned before include:
BOYCOTTING. Don’t buy ANYTHING related to JYP or 2PM. This is probably the most simple concept but there are still a huge number of “fans” who can’t seem to stop themselves from buying the 1:59PM album, a Kiss Mug, and other things that support JYP’s plan to keep Jay out. Save your money for an album with Jay in it. The list of items we are boycotting can be found @ Just because you’re not in Korea doesn’t mean that you can’t take part in this. Is there a Korean market where you live? If so, check the brands on everything and make sure it’s not something that benefits JYP.
Just a side note: If you have a ‘bias’ for one of the other six members and you bought products with their face (or lips) on it, good for you. You just kept that member from seeing their Leader ever again.

UNFOLLOW. Let JYPE know that he doesn’t have your attention as long as Jay isn’t back. Refrain from watching 2PM videos on Youtube. Unfollow from all JYP Twitter accounts (including Oneday and Wonder Girls) and unsubscribe from all Youtube accounts. Like it was mentioned before, you can download all the videos from 2OD.

Don’t search anything JYP/2PM related on the internet. Search engine rankings in Korea show a lot about how popular something or someone is and the rankings are CONSTANTLY monitored. Actually, EVERYTHING on the internet is constantly monitored by JYPE. (Yeah, all that stuff about JYPE not knowing about all these rumors in news articles? No. I don’t think so.) Let JYP now that we’re not interested in a broken 2PM.
(It would also be great if you could all refrain from posting pictures of them on Tumblr or your respective blogs. There’s plenty of amazing pictures of them from other promotions, right? Let’s remind ourselves of the good-ol’-days. (: )

– Even reblogging posts from Susana and Sydney makes a difference. It spreads the word to other people and gets more people involved. If you ‘like’ the posts, great. We appreciate it. But you’re not helping at all. REBLOG.

Note: Please don’t think that you are limited to just these ideas. Get creative and think of new ways to show your support for seven-membered 2PM!

For those who think the boycott isn’t helping: What are YOU doing to help? The only thing supporting 6PM does is tell JYP that you don’t need Jay in order for him to get your money.

Jay gave us four years of intense training and a year of working even harder to be an amazing leader. I don’t think it should be difficult for us to give him two weeks. This isn’t about the fans getting what they want. It’s about us doing what we can to give someone back everything they’ve worked for.

(cr: )

(see more from me HERE and HERE)

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